Las Vegas Nightlife Packages

When looking for a package deal in Las Vegas, you can easily get tricked or suckered into doing something or paying something you didn’t plan on.  That is why we have tried many of the options as locals, and taken feedback from family members flying in to visit Sin City.

You will discover that there are many packages and deals for Las Vegas Nightclubs and even more people trying to push them on you.  Just take a short walk anywhere on the Strip or Downtown and you will know what we mean. Do not be tricked by “promoters” with so-called free passes to certain clubs. These guys will ask you for $20.00 or may tell you that you will have to spend $20.00 on drinks. If you pay a street canvasser for a pass, most likely that “pass” is a forgery and will not be accepted at the venue. If you agree to spend money on drinks for a pass, it will not be $20.00. The average cocktail price is $15.00 apiece. Do the math. Be safe out there and just keep walking. However, there are legit free passes available to you. Taxi drivers and hotels offer them to guests. If you want to try collecting enough for your whole group, feel free. Or . . .
Las Vegas Group Specials
Contact us at We have the connections that will get you into the VIP line, through the door and onto the dance floor, fast and free. We have tried many of the options as locals and have taken feedback from family members flying in to visit Sin City. So we know where to find the best deals and the best packages at the best prices for your Las Vegas Nightlife experience. For a little bit more money, we can help you find a Nightlife package that comes with VIP Service. Your VIP Service would include a VIP Host who will be with you for the duration of your event. It is their job to watch the clock, order the drinks, and keep track of the group, especially while you travel between venues and traverse through the hotels. Now you get to relax, join in the party and have fun!
If you are looking for the ultimate experience at Vegas’ Nightclubs, Strip Clubs and Lounges, then check out They offer NightLife and Event packages that gives you access to over 20 of the trendiest hotspots. But your stay in Las Vegas does not have to be limited to only night time activities. can also get you into over 20 other Dayclubs, Pools and Shows, and let us not forget, a Shooting Range. That is free admission and VIP line passes to more than 40 venues all over the Vegas valley with no expiration date. All that excitement, all those locations; all brought to you by and starting at just $149.99.
Is this your group’s first time to Las Vegas? Not quite sure what or where the hottest spots in Sin City are? Click on Rent a Las Vegas Party Bus on our Home Page. 702clubs can help you choose a transportation service that will safely get you and your group to each venue. The best thing about a Party Bus is that the fun does not have to stop just because you are leaving the club. Featuring a dance floor, superior sound system, big screen monitors, and amazing interior lighting, the party atmosphere will continue while on the road.
Be sure to check out our other articles. Looking for a Las Vegas Companion to attend a corporate function with you? 702clubs can help you find a date. Tasked with hosting a Las Vegas Bachelor Party? We have it already all organized.  All you have to do is customize your event to cater to your group’s preferences. And do not forget about all the summer time fun to be had at Pool Parties in Las Vegas. Also view our sponsor ads: , 702clubs and RideWorks for additional options to incorporate into your plans.
Las Vegas is your adult playground and 702clubs can you find the best toys to play with in one of the world’s biggest sandboxes. So just remember the next time you are planning a trip to Vegas, you can enjoy the Nightlife AND spice things up AND save money with package deals. At 702clubs we deliver the best options we can find.
Please feel free to comment below with your 702clubs experience.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service, customer suggestions are welcomed
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